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High Adventure Quetico Park Fly-Ins

High Adventure Group Fly-Ins

A bush plane ride to a remote Quetico entry point will really add some excitement to your next canoe trip. You'll discover the breathtaking beauty of canoe country as you soar over the lakes you'll soon be paddling. You can explore your way back to our base...experiencing the solitude in the heart of the Park without the initial effort of getting there. Or, you can plan to stay on some of the most remote lakes in Quetico and have the plane come back to pick you up.

The following rates are estimated on flying in a Beaver aircraft with one external loadócanoe(s) on the floats and 4 people. Prices are per person, one way. Please call for a detailed quote.

Mack (Clay) Lake $358 per person, one way
Beaverhouse Lake $328 per person, one way
Nym Lake $400 per person, one way
Lac La Croix $323 per person, one way

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