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2012 Trip Leader Planning Guide

Final planning for a high adventure canoe trip

We've put together a complete planning guide for trip leaders of our high adventure canoe trips. The guide is split into multiple sections, making it easier for you to print the guide. The guide is in .pdf format, and requires the Adobe Reader plug-in. If the Acrobat Reader opens up then you do not need to download the Reader. Many browsers already have the Reader as a plug-in, and if yours does, all you need to do is click on the pages, let them fully load, then print them. If yours doesn't, download the Reader from the Download Acrobat Reader link, install it according to the instructions given by Adobe, then come back and print the guide.


Welcome to Canadian Border Outfitters

Reasons to Choose CBO as Your Outfitter
CBO's Moose Lake Base
Five Easy Steps to Get Started
Picking Your Canoe Trip Destination


CBO Non-Profit Packages and Services

Non-Profit Packages
Group Lodging & Cookshack Meals
Transportation Services
Wilderness Preparation Course
Non-Profit Partial Outfitting Rates
Non-Profit Group Menu Planner
Permits, Payments, and Cancellations


Northwood's Tips and Tidbits

Weather Report
Personal Gear to Bring
Fishing Terms
Fishing Tips by Species
How to Paddle a Canoe
How to Portage a Canoe
Choosing your Campsite
Things to do while in the Ely Area


Canoe Country Info

BWCA and Quetico Park History
Canoe Country Wildlife
Canoe Country Plants
Wilderness Terms and Definitions
Wilderness Rules and Regulations
Wilderness Canoe Trip Ethics
Wilderness Travel Risks
Wilderness Emergency Procedures


Paperwork and Forms

Leader Checklist
Certificate of Exemption
Acknowledgement and Consent Form
Free and Reduced Youth Fishing Licenses
RABC (Quetico Trips Only)
Youth Manifest (Quetico Trips Only)
Crossing U.S. Borders From Canada

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